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  • Matrix Duplex Nominated again for U.S. Top Product Award

    14 July 2017

    We are pleased to announce that the Matrix Duplex MX-370DP has been nominated for the Printing News Readers' Choice Top Products Awards.

    Vivid has already achieved major success in America with the Easymount Air Laminator winning the Top Product Award in 2016 and the Matrix Duplex MX-530DP winning the award in 2015.

    "When the Matrix MX-530 Duplex won in 2015, the range was promoted as a Digital Laminating system," said export manager Bruce Cozens. "Now with our Retrofit Take-up and Foil Bracket unit, the Pneumatic and Duplex Systems are able to Foil amazing images onto Digital toner, simply and easily making the Matrix range very versatile and ensuring a quick return on investment for print shops."

    The Matrix can produce foiling, holographic & spot UV-style effects used for all kinds of print and packaging, including business cards, stationery, book covers, security print, wedding stationery and high-end bespoke print, quickly and cost-effectively. By combining the Matrix with the Color-Logic suite of colour communication systems and software tool sets that work in conjunction with Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign applications, designers can now work with an exclusive pallet of 250 unique metallic foil colours, all achievable using a digital printer. The Duplex can also laminate and encapsulate print on both sides of the sheet at once, saving both post-production time and money.

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