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  • Minuteman Press Cardiff Wowed by Matrix Foiling Capability

    10 October 2018

    Cardiff based, digital print specialist Minuteman Press recently purchased a Vivid Matrix MX-370P for their lamination requirements. In a recent interview with Vivid’s marketing team Branch Manager, Louise Williams, explained how the purchase had come about and how the foiling and effects capability quickly opened new opportunities for them:


    “Louise, can you give an overview of your operation?”


    “Minuteman Press is predominantly a business-to-business print facility based in Cardiff, which is known for being a centre for design and creative services. We are ideally located to serve businesses there as well as in the surrounding area. 

    We are a dedicated team, built on a strong foundation of expertise within the print and design industry, with many years’ experience in this sector. We pride ourselves on our professional friendly service, offering an efficient and prompt response, ensuring that your needs are met on time and within budget. Top quality, quick turnaround & great service is the minimum you can expect from us!”


    “Why was the Vivid system chosen?”


    “Primarily we were looking for a higher quality, faster laminator, as we had outgrown our current one.  We visited The Print Show and saw several options, but we were most impressed by the Vivid Matrix MX-370P, as it was mainly built in the UK, and, production-wise, it is quick and easy to use.  That the Matrix had an added bonus of supporting foiling as well as lamination was something we were already interested in after seeing a machine the year before. Overall, the Matrix offered outstanding value for money.”


    “What applications has the Matrix been used for?” 


    “Lamination is still the machine’s main function, allowing us to keep more work in-house, giving much higher added value.  However, the machine has also opened new doors with the various foiling options that it supports.”


    “And what is your favourite effect so far?”


    “We love the gold foil on cream card, it is especially popular for invitations and we have just ordered rose gold foil that has been described as ‘lush’! We are looking forward to expanding our collection of foils and are especially keen to try out the holographic films!”


    “In summary what would you say about the Matrix?”


    “This machine has enabled us to laminate a higher volume of work in-house much more efficiently, meaning we can turn jobs around faster, increasing our capacity and efficiency and pass savings onto our customers. 

    It has additionally enabled us to offer foiling, a luxury finish with a high-perceived value, at an affordable price.  The foil really does make the print stand out and many of our customers are now placing foil orders, even those who never knew they wanted it until seeing our samples!  

    We are able to help support local independent businesses who use the foil for postcards and stationery.”


    “Is there anything else you would like to add?”


    “We really love the Matrix, and would thoroughly recommend it to anybody, laminating is a breeze and, as it is pneumatic, non-digital films can also be used. Vivid provided full training on laminating and foiling and the results make it 100% worth the effort.

    If you purchase this machine you will be happy with your decision, we are sure of that!”

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  • Free Matrix Training Available

    4 October 2018

    Learn how to laminate, foil and create spot UV type effects on the Matrix – free training sessions available. 

    Vivid is pleased to announce a series of half-day training events to help users maximise the potential of the Matrix system. Designed for existing Matrix customers, this informal, hands-on session will leave attendees up-to-date about the practicalities of operation as well giving them an insight into the full potential of creative possibilities.

    Numbers will be restricted allowing us to tailor the course to cover any specific areas attendees wish us to cover and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions along the way. Training takes place at Vivid’s state-of-the-art showroom at their midlands-based HQ, just off junction 13 of the A42 and close to Junction 22/23/23A of the MI.

    Courses will be held on the first Monday of each month, commencing from November 5th – booking is essential. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

    For more details or to book a place contact us at or call on 0845 1 30 40 50 or download a booking form here

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  • Digital Typeline Invest in Vivid Magnum Cut/Crease/Perf Solution To Improve Efficiency

    28 June 2018

    Digital Typeline has been one of Scotland’s leading digital print companies for over 25 years.  Based in Edinburgh, the family business provides digital print to a range of sectors including a trade service to both litho and often digital printers unable to produce laser cut, foiled, white printed or landscape formats amongst other specialist products.

    DTP Managing Director, Alun Joseph said “Having used a small business card cutter for a few years, DTP had been considering the purchase of a more competent and faster machine.  The Magnum offers a lot of features at a very approachable price point.  The Magnum will take a lot of work away from the guillotine to ease the bottleneck there.  We are producing a lot of orders of A4 leaflets at ten, twenty or thirty copies throughout every day.  The Magnum means we don’t have to wait to batch them to cut at the guillotine nor spend ages splitting the orders once cut.  The conveyor delivery means it is easy to pick up the orders for dispatch and we can just throw the same format orders at it as they are printed.”

    Mr Joseph continued: “We also have a number of repeat format orders for things like tent cards and folded business cards.  Previously these would be cut at the guillotine and creased on an existing folder or possibly even hand creased.  These items and several other like it will now be ready to dispatch straight off the Magnum with the operator time only loading and selecting the program rather than standing cutting and creasing.  The barcode reader gives us even more time saving when setting up the job to run and with or without barcodes, switching between formats is so quick.”

    “Vivid’s Magnum MCC-35AS allows us to ease the pressure on several other pieces of kit and saves us hours of operator time in a day.  The Magnum cuts and slits cleanly and has handled all sorts of laminated and even heavyweight synthetic stock.  It sits very well with the repeat formats we produce every day and for that reason is proving to be a key piece of equipment in our constant drive for efficiency.” 

    Vivid’s recently released range of Magnum print finishing solutions includes systems for cutting, creasing, perforating and folding. The range is ideally suited for any print operation but, in particular for digital printers. The Magnum range is designed to reduce the need for costly outsourcing or to speed-up existing in-house finishing, making printers more efficient and therefore more competitive, whilst improving customer satisfaction with faster production times.

    For further information please visit our website

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