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  • Jadan Press See Immediate Benefits from Magnum Cut/Crease System Investment.

    3 April 2019

    Jadan Press are a family owned digital and lithographic print and design company, established for over 21 years with the two directors sharing over 40 years’ worth of experience and print knowledge between them. 

    Jadan Press have purchased equipment from Vivid in the past including a Matrix Laminator which has been upgraded as newer models have been introduced. Jadan Press Director, Pamela Wainman, said “The processes this machine enables in-house are phenomenal for our business. All the different foils, lamination films and spot UV effects that can be used on the Matrix complement our Versafire digital press to open up a whole new world of bespoke products at competitive prices.”

    Recently, Vivid Technologies Product Manager, Lewis Evans, contacted Jadan Press offering a demonstration of the new Magnum MCC-35AS automatic cutter and creaser. Pamela said, “We are always interested in innovative new technology and Vivid always keep us fully up-to-date with any new equipment, techniques or machine adaptions they have been working on.”

    “When the Magnum’s unique capabilities were demonstrated we could immediately see the advantages the system would offer our business on new and existing print finishing and, without any hesitation, we placed an order. We were further impressed when it was installed just two weeks later.”

    In the short time since installation, the Magnum cutter/creaser has already proven to be an invaluable part of the business in a number of ways.

    For example, the MCC-35AS is saving time and money on both small and large business card orders. Larger runs, that previously could take over 4 hours cutting time using the conventional Polar Guillotines, are are now completed in a fraction of the time on the Magnum. This has saved on valuable labour time and it keeps the guillotines free for when they are required for other printed products, removing what was a problematic bottleneck.

    Jadan Press previously owned a business card cutter which had become unused because it failed to cut laminated cards and so it just stood collecting dust. Pamela explained, “Bearing in mind that the previous purpose-built machine didn’t come up to scratch, we were even more blown away that the Magnum cutter/creaser finished business cards at high speed and with great ease with the adjustment facility and registration being very effective features, delivering the high quality finish we demand for our customers.”

    As well as using the MCC-35AS for efficiently cutting business cards, Jadan Press have taken good advantage of the crease and perf features on A6, A5 and A4 - 4pp and for bespoke creases on other products such as leaflets and menus. On voucher slips and tickets, the perforation and partial perforation facility has proven to be quicker and easier to set up than with their previous machines.

    “The ease and speed that our operators are able to set this machine up for all the processes/features has really been impressive - it certainly does tick all the boxes. The Magnum offers so much more than just a single-purpose machine can, plus lots of attachments available further extending its capabilities. We can thoroughly recommend the MCC-35AS and believe that anyone purchasing this equipment will truly not regret their decision.” Said Pamela, who also added. “Jadan Press would like to thank all the staff at Vivid Lamination Technologies for introducing this equipment to our very highly sophisticated digital print Studio. The training offered was very informative and easy to follow for all the staff concerned.  You always keep us up to speed with the best technology that can be found and purchased at affordable prices.  Well done - keep up the good work!”

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  • Swiftprint Upgrade to Vivid Magnum Cut/Crease/Perf System

    29 March 2019

    Vivid recently installed a Magnum MCC-35ASP system at Swiftprint in Huddersfield and provided training to their staff. The MCC-35ASP offers cut, slit, crease, perf and partial perf capability and is easy to operate with a large touch-screen display and interchangeable slide-in tools for crease or perforation. The system features image shift compensation, bi-directional perforators to enable “T” and “Box’ perforations and it supports long sheets.

    Established in 1972, Swiftprint is West Yorkshire's premiere design and print facility. Offering a full service to its customers, their portfolio ranges from business cards, letterheads, brochures and flyers, to wide format work such as outdoor banners, signs, pop-up banners and exhibition stands and vehicle graphics.

    With an impressive arsenal of kit including a two Xerox Versants (3100/2100), Roland Truvis and Canon wide format printers, Matrix Laminating/Foiling system and an Easymount wide format laminator, current owners Phil & Vickie Earle have been at the helm for the last 12 Years.

    Phil Earle explained the reason for the Magnum purchase: “We needed to replace an older machine from another supplier, which was slow and limited in its capability. We’d seen the Magnum at an exhibition and were impressed with the ease-of-use, speed, and wide range of functions it offered. In particular we liked that the Magnum supported long sheet format finishing, an area of the business that we were starting to build up work for. So, already having a good relationship with Vivid, the Magnum fitted the bill perfectly.”

    In 2018, Swiftprint added a second Xerox Versant to the business, the 3100, giving better quality, and production times, but also opening up the opportunity to print long sheet sizes, i.e. 6ppA4. Initially the finishing of these was outsourced, which was costly and gave Swiftprint little control over deadlines. With the Magnum this finishing is now all handled in-house.

    “The Magnum is very easy and quick to set up, with built-in templates for most jobs, it’s just a few tweaks to the template and your away.” Explained Phil, who further continued, “We recently had a 10pp 100mm square concertina job to finish, which would have had to go out for finishing in the past; it was printed 2 up on a sheet, and the Magnum creased, & trimmed down to size, so all we had to do afterwards was to fold it. It never went anywhere near the guillotine.”

    Swiftprint will use the Magnum for a wide range of finishing jobs, including, covers, flyers, business cards, 6pp brochures, greeting cards, wedding stationery, multiple concertina folds etc.

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  • Matrix Training Days

    13 March 2019

    Our free Matrix Training workshops have been proving very popular with customers. These informal monthly events are designed to help Matrix users discover the full potential of their system for digital foiling and spot UV type effects as well as for lamination. Attendees also get an overview of the Magnum range of cut/crease/perf/fold solutions.

    Bringing these services in-house increases the services a printer can offer to their customer, adds value to their print output and saves them time and money on outsourcing.

    At one recent event, Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) General Manager Brendan Perring talked to Vivid Product Manager, Lewis Evans to find out more...