Magnum MCR35 Manual Creaser

Magnum MCR35 Manual Creaser


Manually create creases in stocks up to SRA3. The Magnum range of hand-operated creasers is built to withstand the rigours of heavy everyday use.

Able to cope with stock up to 350mm / 13″, and with a creasing length of over 400mm / 15″, if it’s SRA3 you’re working with, this will do the job for you perfectly.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Accurate and time-saving
  • Heavy duty
Magnum MCR35 Manual Creaser

Perfect for...

Book covers
Magnum MCR35 Manual Creaser

Product Specifications

  • Max. Sheet Width (mm / inches)
    350 / 14
  • Max. Paper Thickness (gsm)
  • Creasing Depth (mm / inches)
    0.5-1 / 0.2-0.4
  • Creasing Length (mm / inches)
    400 / 15
  • Dimensions without Packaging (mm / inches)
    500x380x55 / 24x15x2
  • Gross Machine Weight
  • Warranty
    1 Year
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