GP Print Invest in Matrix and Omni-Flow Feeder

GP Print Invest in Matrix and Omni-Flow Feeder


GP Print are a fast-growing printing company, established in 1999 and based in the Fengate area of Peterborough. As a family business the company offers over 30 years’ experience in lithographic printing, with a track record for developing new ideas within a rapidly changing industry. GP Print’s extensive experience in lithographic and digital printing has allowed the business to blossom into what is now a multifaceted creative industry.

GP Print also provide an in-house design studio service and a wide range of finishing solutions in addition to printing services. Such as trimming, folding, collating, wire and calendar binding, scoring, laminating, padding, numbering, and now foiling. Their specialist cutting machines also enable for free expression through printing and allow to cut paper, card, or stickers to any desired shape.

Amongst other creative interests, their environmental concerns also affect their printing style, and GP Print pride themselves on being very eco-friendly and only use paper from sustainable sources. They don’t use any chemicals and all their inks are derived from vegetables. The company is also very big on recycling.

"Since our first dealings with Vivid, we have always been very happy with the service we have received. Vivid will go the extra mile to offer help and advice on every occasion. Overall, we believe the Matrix and Omni-Flow Feeder system will prove to be a sound investment allowing us to better serve our customers."

Matrix Improves Production Time For GP Print

We spoke to Peter Martyr, Director at GP Print and he told us, “We were in the market for a new system, and we wanted to upgrade our current Matrix 530 system with a more automated feeder, increase quality and the additional foiling service. Knowing how well the current Matrix system worked and behaved we knew that upgrading was the most sensible idea.

“We decided to invest in a new Matrix MX-370MP and Omni-Flow 330 (SRA3) deep pile feeder from Vivid. The Matrix Metallic system has been designed specifically for applying digital foils and spot-UV type effects easily and economically to a wide range of paper stocks. Whilst the Matrix Omni-Flow deep pile feeder is a modular system designed to automate the laminating process and remove the need for a dedicated operator.

Mr Martyr added, “This new investment has now improved the quality of the laminate adhesion with a pressure roller to give a much better finish. The automation addition has meant that we can reduce the cost of the lamination process so that we are more competitive with the online giants. This means that we can now offer many more finishes to the portfolio with foiling and special effects such as spot UV adding more value to a traditional simple card now your products can really stand out. Special invites, certificates & business cards are just a few things that we can enhance with these many finishes.”

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