Diamond Digital Opt for VeloBlade to Diversify The Business

Diamond Digital Opt for VeloBlade to Diversify The Business

An Introduction to Diamond Digital

Based in South East London, Diamond Digital recently took the decision to invest in a VeloBlade digital die cutter. Specialising in digital printing as well as digital foiling, Diamond Digital saw the opportunity to branch out into different markets by combining their printing and foiling with digital die cutting. They’ve already seen an array of new opportunities in packaging for face masks, gloves, display boxes, and even replacing plastic business card boxes with paper and many more applications!

The combination of digital foiling and digital die-cutting has worked wonders for Diamond Digital. They have been operating with our Matrix Metallic 370 laminating and digital foiling system and have an incredibly impressive foiling offering. Now they’ve paired this with a VeloBlade, their ability to create truly unique and eye-catching items has excelled.

"We love bespoke items here and standing out and Vivid is a great fit for us with the systems they provide. We’re also making a conscious effort to reduce costs and become more efficient on our turn round times. Now we no longer have to outsource all our die cutting, thanks to purchasing the VeloBlade, this will help us achieve these two goals"

Why Did Diamond Digital Choose VeloBlade?

“We decided to buy the Veloblade from Vivid to help us express our creative side and be different to the ‘normal’ printer. We had an extensive look at the market and what was on offer but, having dealt with Vivid before and already running other systems from them, we knew the quality of product and service we would get. This combined with the price being more than suitable meant we chose VeloBlade over the competition".

Reviewing their ongoing relationship on the VeloBlade as well as other projects, Gary Norris had nothing but positive things to say about Vivid. “Vivid’s sales representative, Sophie Evans, has been fantastic. She always keeps us informed and up to date with the latest products Vivid have on offer. We’re also able to fully test any systems we purchase, with our own artwork, which gives us the added peace of mind that the kit is right for us. Recently, we became one of the first to offer anti-bacterial lamination to pubs and the hospitality industry as well as office building anti-bac 'push door' signs. Again, supported by Vivid, this helped us open up our place in the market. And again, making us different from the standard printer”.

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