Composite – VeloBlade Nexus 3016


A large format digital die cutting machine with a cutting area of 3280mm x 1600mm.

The VeloBlade digital die-cutting systems are built for purpose and can be adapted to any required size, ensuring they meet the specific needs of each customer. Our systems operate seamlessly with substrates such as carbon fibre, structural foam, honeycomb, prepreg, aramid fibre, and glass fibre. This opens up a vast array of markets for your business to operate in and enables you to create an endless variety of products with exciting materials. Whether you are in the automotive, aerospace, or consumer goods industry, the VeloBlade systems offer the flexibility and precision needed to produce high-quality results consistently.

Another fantastic feature of the VeloBlade is its automatic cut depth setting. This drastically increases setup and operating speed, making the operator’s job easier and more efficient. Efficiency was a key consideration in the design of this system. Contributing to an efficient workplace is the rotating bed, which enables both roll and sheet-fed production.

All VeloBlade systems include built-in, user-friendly ZipCore Software, which is feature-rich and gives you complete control over your system, down to specifying 0.01mm cut depth alterations. You can rest assured that your VeloBlade Nexus will operate seamlessly.

Work with a variety of materials with a cut depth of up to 25mm.

Key Features

  • CNC Router for 25mm Cut Depth
  • Optional Reel to Reel and Sheet Fed
  • User-friendly Software Package Included
  • 1500mm/s cutting speed
Composite – VeloBlade Nexus 3016

Product Specifications

  • Material Fixing
  • Max. sheet size (mm/inches)
    3280mmx1600mm / 129"x63"
  • Min. sheet size (mm/inches)
    210mmx297mm / 8"x12"
  • Tools
    Circular Knife, Drag Knife, Crease Wheel, Kiss Cut Knife, V-Cut Knife, Oscillating Knife and CNC Router (Optional)
  • Blade
    Over 100 Options
  • Max. cutting speed
  • Max. cut depth
    25mm with Oscillating Knife/ CNC Router)
  • Cutting Media
    carbon fibre, structural foam, prepreg, aramid fibre, and glass fibre
  • Repeat accuracy
  • Driving System
    Imported Intelligent Digital Servo Control System
  • Camera registration system
    CCD Registration System
  • Voltage
    32 Amp / 3 phase socket required & 4 x 13 Amp sockets for accessories
  • Power Consumption (W)
  • Overall Dimensions (mm)
  • Gross Machine Weight
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