VeloBlade Nexus & Volta for Spiral Colour

VeloBlade Nexus & Volta for Spiral Colour

What's it like working with Vivid & why did you choose a VeloBlade Nexus?

“Before working with Vivid, our lives were a lot more stressful. We were reliant on outsourcing laminating, foiling and cutting. Thanks to Vivid, we’ve been able to bring all of that in-house, meaning we can control everything. It makes life a lot easier for us, we can offer shorter lead times for clients, if something is urgent we can move our production to suit their deadlines. Personally, I am over the moon with the systems we’ve got from Vivid, we’re producing stuff we never thought we’d be able to and the quality is great. That as well as the level of service we receive, we couldn’t ask for any more. I’d definitely recommend Vivid”.

“We know that the products and service from Vivid are great. Over the years we’ve never had any issues. As soon as we found out they were releasing a wide format flatbed digital die cutter with CNC router, we had a couple of demo’s and thought it was perfect for what we needed to do. Also, it was great value in comparison to the other systems we looked at. Due to our urgent need, Vivid were able to install the Nexus over the Christmas period, to have us up and running for the new year. I don’t think many other companies would have done that for us, they went above and beyond what they needed to”.

"We teamed up with Vivid 13 years ago and we’ve never had any issues. They’re the market leader, the systems are game-changing and their service is brilliant. Our latest investments, the VeloBlade Volta and VeloBlade Nexus have enabled us to do jobs we never thought we’d be able to do and win clients we never thought we’d get!"

How has the Nexus impacted your business?

“Since we installed the VeloBlade Nexus, we’ve been none stop. The reason we wanted to get it in so urgently was due to the cardboard shortage and we had the idea to produce cardboard boxes. Since then, we’ve been running the system 7 hours a day 6 days a week to try and keep up with demand. Along with the VeloBalde Volta, it has opened up new opportunities for us, we’re doing jobs we never thought we’d be able to do and working with businesses we never thought we’d be able to get our foot in the door with. It’s been great for us”.

"The installation was great and since then we’ve received plenty of support from Vivid. We have found the system very easy to use and it has integrated into our workflow perfectly. As with any new kit, training is ongoing because we discover new features and ideas, Vivid’s Engineers have been brilliant at supporting us to get the most from the Nexus as well as resolving teething issues. We get quick responses and we’re back on the right track quickly”.

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