Hughes Print Expand In-House Capacity With The Matrix Speed

Hughes Print Expand In-House Capacity With The Matrix Speed


Wolverhampton based design and print specialists, Hughes Print, were the very first user of the 20 metre-per-minute Matrix MX-530S, along with an Omni-Flow Deep Pile Auto Feeder. Hughes already had a Matrix MX-530P and were impressed by the quality and consistency of its output and so when it came to increase their in-house capacity they looked to Vivid for a solution.

Their existing MX-530P was hand-fed and Hughes had decided that, for them, the maximum viable number of sheets on an in-house run was around 500 SRA3 sheets; above that and they typically outsourced with the loss of control, delays and additional cost that entailed. The faster speed and heavier construction of the MX-530S combined with the Omni-Flow Deep Pile Feeder has meant that a 2,000 SRA2 sheet run or greater is now viable in-house.

"The 530S builds on the foundations of the 530P system, it is able to handle all of the existing laminate and foil work we produced on the 530P and with the Omni-Flow at a much faster rate; the laminate and foiling finish on both machines is excellent"


“Vivid have supported us with competitive consumable costs on the new machine, combined with the extra production speed and semi-attended operating this means that we are now a lot more competitive on products produced on this system. We are hopeful that this side of the business, with the increased productivity, will allow us to handle larger jobs on this equipment.”

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