Eazyprint Expand In-House Capacity With Investment in Veloblade Volta

Eazyprint Expand In-House Capacity With Investment in Veloblade Volta

We Need to Ensure We Can Stay At the Top of Our Game

Kettering-based Eazyprint is a family-run business that prides itself on producing award winning work that wows its growing portfolio of clients. Vivid Laminating Technologies’ Tiah Hallam asked them to share their experience of partnering with the post-press kit supplier and what their latest Vivid investments brought to their business.

“The company started  trading in June 2010 and we have just celebrated our 11th birthday. We started as just your everyday digital printer, offering everything and largely competing on price, even to the point of selling business cards and trying to compete with the online prices. As a result generally making a small profit, or even running some jobs as a loss leader to get a foot in the door with potential clients. But that all started to change in 2015, when we purchased our first foiling machine. In fact, we were one of the first digital printers to enter the digital foiling market. Initially we found it hard to get the right results and spent months approving materials that we could use and perfecting the process before we really started to push this as a service. Since then we have won multiple awards and gone from strength to strength. This led us down the route of packaging, and specialising in short run personalised packaging and marketing pieces”.

“As specialists in printed packaging and promotional items, we offer clients a way to promote their brand and goods in high quality custom boxes, box sleeves, bespoke packaging, and promotional items. We also specialise in book and manual production, with a vast array of high quality binding options from case bound and softback books to saddle stitched and spiral bound books. Whatever we produce though, we’re a true partner of our customers as they trust our experience-based advice when it comes seeking luxury finishes and embellishments. We use all manner of coloured foils, sometimes using up to four different colours and effects on one piece, we are now also using the holographic foils more and more and there seems to be a big call for these”.

"We have not looked back since we started working with Vivid, they listen and stay in touch on a regular basis, something lacking elsewhere in the industry. Many other machine suppliers make all sorts of promises but never follow up or deliver on them but Vivid do and that is what we love about our relationship with them. More importantly is how a machine supplier performs when something is not right or goes wrong, and to date we can’t fault Vivid and their team of engineers."

What led you to decide to invest in a Vivid System?

“Our previous machine, a flatbed cutter, had served us well for the past few years, but was starting to look a little slow compared to newer machines and had a number of limitations, including accuracy. So, we started to research the market with a view to purchasing a new machine. We approached the team at Vivid for their advice and they mentioned they were going to introduce their own cutting machine. As they were already a trusted supplier, we were very keen to see their offering and we were not disappointed! The Veloblade range came in at a good price point, was unique, dynamic, and ticked all the boxes for us.”

“Our production director Daniel Pretot heads up our R&D team and works very closely with both our design team and our suppliers to enable us to push the limits of what we can do and offer, something that is very important to us as a business. We had been working closely with Vivid for a few years and loved that they wanted to work closely with us, sharing information and requesting honest feedback, which in turn helps them offer better products and service. That was partly why we purchased our Matrix Duplex laminator a couple of years ago, which came with a special modification built just for us.”

“As a result of that positive experience we were confident about investing in their technology again and have now taken delivery of our latest machine from Vivid, the VeloBlade Volta 69+. That confidence has been rewarded, because our new VeloBlade Volta, has improved speed and precision production and enabled us to take adding value to an all new level in terms of creative finishing.”

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