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Matrix accessories

  • Auto-Feeder

    The Matrix Omni-Flow Deep Pile Feeders are designed to be easy to install, set-up and operate. Two versions are available the Omni-Flow 370 (SRA3) and the Omni-Flow 460 (SRA2).

    The Auto-Feeders can be fitted to the full pneumatic range of Matrix MX-370 and MX-530 Laminating Systems and completely automate your print finishing workflow.

    Prints can be loaded 'on the run' for non-stop operation. Aimed at the digital/commercial markets, short-to-mid run business cards, menus, book covers, bespoke prints and more can all be finished faster.

    Feed prints for lamination, foiling & spot UV effects, the Matrix becomes a truly automated print finishing system.

  • Take-Up Unit

    An optional take-up unit that sits at the rear of the Matrix. This can be used in conjunction with the Flatbook device and also when using the Matrix to foil and create Spot UV-style effects. It works in perfect synchronisation with the Matrix and neatly collects spare film and foil.

    Take-Up Unit
  • Flatbook

    Flatbook enables Perfect Bound and PUR Bound book covers to be laminated both sides and stay perfectly flat.

    Curl on book covers is a significant problem in the printing industry, mainly overcome by using expensive specialist films. The Flatbook system enables you to use standard OPP film, on all types of stock.

    It cuts out a channel of film as it laminates, leaving the inside spine unlaminated.This allows the adhesive to stick to the spine and not the laminate. The result is a perfectly bound flat book.

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  • Fan System - with AirFlow Technology

    An add-on accessory, designed exclusively for the Matrix. Laminated sheets collect in the output tray effortlessly.

    Fan System - with AirFlow Technology
  • Film Slitter

    Designed to make your life more simple. Rather than changing rolls of film for smaller width jobs than the film that is loaded, the slitter will cut down the film to whatever size you require.

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