Zip Core Design


Our newly advanced  Zip Core Design is a CAD/CAM packaging software that has been created to optimise every aspect of packaging design from start to finish.

Our software provides businesses with a wide range of tools that speed up and automate the everyday jobs of packaging designers, graphic designers and salespeople involved in the creation and production of packaging. This results in jobs being produced at a much faster rate. There are endless packaging templates to choose from within our library of designs, giving you an infinite choice of packaging opportunities.

Compatible with both desktop and cloud solutions, our software is integrated with Adobe® Illustrator® meaning you can apply graphics to your packaging designs whilst being able to view a 3D model of the structure before production.

Compatible with the Veloblade Nexus and Veloblade Volta range.

Key Features

  • Library Of Packaging Designs Including ECMA & FEFCO
  • Drafting With Parametric Components
  • Enhanced 3D CAD System
  • Adobe Illustrator Integration
  • Layout Optimiser
  • CAD/CAM Packaging Software
  • Dynamic 3D Export Tool with Personalisation
  • Material Store Catalogue
Zip Core Design

Perfect for...

Zip Core Design

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with
    MAC & PC
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Veloblade Volta
  • Veloblade Nexus
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