26 Sep 2019

We’re Launching A Digital Die-Cutting System

At The Print Show 2019, we’ll be unveiling a flat-bed cutter, The VeloBlade. It is to be the most cost-effective digital die-cutting system on the market and enables printers to extend the services they offer, create unique and intricate products as well as remove the need for outsourcing.


Richard Marlow, Sales Director, introduced the reasons behind introducing VeloBlade. “Traditionally, the cost of bringing quality cutting in-house hasn’t been a feasible option for most print shops. Which led us to launch the VeloBlade. Collaborating with our customers to understand what would make their businesses better and lives easier, it became clear that less outsourcing and expanding their customer base was the way to go. VeloBlade opens up completely new markets in packaging and point-of-sale giving print suppliers the platform they need to further their offering and grow the business. We’re incredibly excited to see the impact it’s going to have”.


Combining cutting, creasing and perforating in a single pass, the VeloBlade is an automated production line within itself. 100mm of auto-fed stock, vacuum suction conveyor belt and collection tray allow the operator to leave the system unattended. It’s a great efficiency saver and enables you to take on more jobs without the need for more resource.


The Specifics

The VeloBlade is a versatile digital die-cutting system that caters to a variety of stocks and sizes ranging between 210mmx297mm to 600mmx400mm. Whether it’s paper, plastic board, PVC board, PU, cardboard, rubber sheet or marking film, it can cut it. It’s also a quick system, cutting at up to 1000mm/s with SRA3 taking between 15 – 45 seconds per sheet, depending on the complexity of the cut or crease.


Why the VeloBlade? Why Now?

Launched to complement our impressive range of print finishing systems, the VeloBlade means we can now provide high quality laminating, cutting, creasing and perforating tools. We enable businesses to add value to print by reducing outsourcing costs, improving efficiency and creating eye-catching products. Giving you the ability to wow your customers every time.