29 Sep 2021

Vivid Adds Enhancements To VeloBlade Range

Vivid Has Added A Side-by-Side Dual Production Option On Its B1 Model

The B1 VeloBlade Volta 1070+ model can digitally die-cut sheets up to B1 and up to 10mm of cutting depth on a bed of 1000mm x 707mm. With this, users can work on a broad range of substrates including card, paper, labels, KT board, foam board, corrugated paper, and more. With both sheet-fed and roll-fed feeding options and a vacuum suction bed and collection tray, companies can leave the machine to produce work whilst focusing attentions elsewhere.

The new option to produce two jobs side-by-side on the B1 VeloBlade Volta 1070+ model came about after Vivid exhibited at a show in Denmark with its partner there. Product Manager at Vivid, Lewis Evans says, “We came up with the idea of dual-feed. When we came back to Leicester we did a bit more R&D, and made it work. You can now produce two jobs side-by-side and you can finish multiple jobs at the same time – feed it, finish it, and stack it!”

Also available in Vivid’s digital cutting table range is the VeloBlade Volta 2MM series which includes the VeloBlade Volta 64+ and Volta 69+. The 64 model can cut up to 2mm in thickness and has a bed size of 600mm x 400mm. The 69 model has a bed size of 600mm x 900mm and can work with sheets up to A1 and cut depths of up to 2mm. Joining the VeloBlade Volta 1070+ in Vivid’s 10MM series are the 64+ and 69+ models. The VeloBlade Volta 64+ can cut up to 10mm of cutting depth on a bed of 600mm x 400mm, and the 69+ can cut up to 10mm on a bed of 600mm x 900mm

Vivid also offer the VeloBlade Nexus, our wide-format range of digital cuttle tables that starts at 1800mm x 1600mm and gives users the ability to cut up to 25mm in depth with the CNC Router. “We have added some new cutting tools to the VeloBlade Nexus large-format devices for superior results. The new tools give a smoother finish and higher quality on challenging substrates such as acrylics and Dibond” Evans added.