29 Sep 2021

Vivid Adds Enhancements To VeloBlade Range

Vivid Has Added A Side-by-Side Dual Production Option On Its B1 Model

The B1 VeloBlade Volta 1070+ model can digitally die-cut sheets up to B1 and up to 10mm of cutting depth on a bed of 1000mm x 707mm. With this, users can work on a broad range of substrates including card, paper, labels, KT board, foam board, corrugated paper, and more. With both sheet-fed and roll-fed feeding options and a vacuum suction bed and collection tray, companies can leave the machine to produce work whilst focusing attentions elsewhere.

The new option to produce two jobs side-by-side on the B1 VeloBlade Volta 1070+ model came about after Vivid exhibited at a show in Denmark with its partner there. Product Manager at Vivid, Lewis Evans says, “We came up with the idea of dual-feed. When we came back to Leicester we did a bit more R&D, and made it work. You can now produce two jobs side-by-side and you can finish multiple jobs at the same time – feed it, finish it, and stack it!”

Also available in Vivid’s digital cutting table range is the VeloBlade Volta 2MM series which includes the VeloBlade Volta 64+ and Volta 69+. The 64 model can cut up to 2mm in thickness and has a bed size of 600mm x 400mm. The 69 model has a bed size of 600mm x 900mm and can work with sheets up to A1 and cut depths of up to 2mm. Joining the VeloBlade Volta 1070+ in Vivid’s 10MM series are the 64+ and 69+ models. The VeloBlade Volta 64+ can cut up to 10mm of cutting depth on a bed of 600mm x 400mm, and the 69+ can cut up to 10mm on a bed of 600mm x 900mm

Vivid also offer the VeloBlade Nexus, our wide-format range of digital cuttle tables that starts at 1800mm x 1600mm and gives users the ability to cut up to 25mm in depth with the CNC Router. “We have added some new cutting tools to the VeloBlade Nexus large-format devices for superior results. The new tools give a smoother finish and higher quality on challenging substrates such as acrylics and Dibond. We also working on other new ideas for the VeloBlade range, with details under wraps for the time being,” Evans said.