Minuteman Press & Their Matrix System

Minuteman Press & Their Matrix System

A Little About Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press is predominantly a business-to-business print facility based in Cardiff, which is known for being a centre for design and creative services. A dedicated team, built on a strong foundation of expertise within the print and design industry, with many years’ experience in this sector. And, priding themselves on a professional friendly service, offering an efficient and prompt response.

On why they were in the market for a new laminator and what drew them towards Vivid, Branch Manager, Louise Williams said, “primarily we were looking for a high-quality, faster laminator, as we had outgrown our current one. We visited The Print Show and saw several options, but we were most impressed by the Vivid Matrix MX-370P, as it was mainly built in the UK, and, production-wise, it is quick and easy to use”.

"We really love the Matrix, and would thoroughly recommend it to anybody, laminating is a breeze. If you purchase this machine you will be happy with your decision, we are sure of that!"

Partnering With Vivid & The Benefits of A Matrix

Although Minuteman originally invested in a Matrix for its laminating capabilities, as that was their primary request from customers, they’ve no broadened their offering and moved into other applications. Louise told us “Lamination is still the machine’s main function, allowing us to keep more work in-house, giving much higher added value. However, the machine has also opened new doors with the various foiling options that it supports.”

The Matrix system has enabled us to laminate a higher volume of work in-house much more efficiently, meaning we can turn jobs around faster, increasing our capacity and efficiency. It has additionally enabled us to offer foiling, a luxury finish with a high-perceived value, at an affordable price. The foil really does make the print stand out and many of our customers are now placing foil orders, even those who never knew they wanted it until seeing our samples!”.

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