Jadan Press See Immediate Benefits from Magnum Investment.

Jadan Press See Immediate Benefits from Magnum Investment.


Jadan Press are a family owned digital and lithographic print and design company, established for over 21 years with the two directors sharing over 40 years’ worth of experience and print knowledge between them.

In the short time since installation, the Magnum cutter/creaser has already proven to be an invaluable part of the business in a number of ways.

For example, the MCC-35AS is saving time and money on both small and large business card orders. Larger runs, that previously could take over 4 hours cutting time using the conventional Polar Guillotines, are now completed in a fraction of the time on the Magnum. This has saved on valuable labour time and it keeps the guillotines free for when they are required for other printed products, removing what was a problematic bottleneck.

"When the Magnum’s unique capabilities were demonstrated we could immediately see the advantages the system would offer our business on new and existing print finishing and, without any hesitation, we placed an order. We were further impressed when it was installed just two weeks later."


“The ease and speed that our operators are able to set this machine up for all the processes/features has really been impressive - it certainly does tick all the boxes. The Magnum offers so much more than just a single-purpose machine can, plus lots of attachments available further extending its capabilities. We can thoroughly recommend the MCC-35AS and believe that anyone purchasing this equipment will truly not regret their decision.” Said Pamela, who also added. “Jadan Press would like to thank all the staff at Vivid Lamination Technologies for introducing this equipment to our very highly sophisticated digital print Studio. The training offered was very informative and easy to follow for all the staff concerned. You always keep us up to speed with the best technology that can be found and purchased at affordable prices”

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