Digital Typeline Improves efficiency with Magnum

Digital Typeline Improves efficiency with Magnum

A LITTLE ABOUT Digital Typeline

Digital Typeline has been one of Scotland’s leading digital print companies for over 25 years. Based in Edinburgh, the family business provides digital print to a range of sectors including a trade service to both litho and often digital printers unable to produce laser cut, foiled, white printed or landscape formats amongst other specialist products.

"“Vivid’s Magnum MCC-35AS allows us to ease the pressure on several other pieces of kit and saves us hours of operator time in a day. The Magnum cuts and slits cleanly and has handled all sorts of laminated and even heavy weight synthetic stock. It sits very well with the repeat formats we produce every day and for that reason is proving to be a key piece of equipment in our constant drive for efficiency.”"

Automated finishing

“We also have a number of repeat format orders for things like tent cards and folded business cards. Previously these would be cut at the guillotine and creased on an existing folder or possibly even hand creased. These items and several other like it will now be ready to dispatch straight off the Magnum with the operator time only loading and selecting the program rather than standing cutting and creasing. The barcode reader gives us even more time saving when setting up the job to run and with or without barcodes, switching between formats is so quick.”

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