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Color-Logic Process Metallic Colour System

Color-Logic Premium License - 3 year lease

Color-Logic allows designers to work with a palette of 250 unique metallic foil colours, all achievable using a digital printer and Vivid’s award-winning Matrix Digital Foiling & Laminating System.

The Premium License is designed for the larger print shop that wishes to install Color-Logic on multiple work stations, or for those printers that work with external design agencies. The Premium License includes additional Design Suite & FX-Viewer (Single Seat installs) that may be purchased by your external design customers.

Color-Logic Site License Included
Color-Logic Design Suite™ Multi Seat Installer Included
Color-Logic Design Suite™ Single Seat Installer N/A
Color-Logic FX-Viewer™ 3 users
Color-Logic Pattern-FX™ Included
Process Metallic Swatch Book™ and Colour Chart Layouts Included
Print Certification Test Forms Included
Color-Logic Certification Included
Design Suites & FX-Viewer 5 users
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