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Aqua Aura Special Effect Films and Foils

A range of coloured foils and films, including Spot UV-style and Glitter effects

Systems that add special effects during the finishing process give prints that extra 'wow' factor. These finishes are typically used on packaging, business cards, stationery, book covers, security print, wedding stationery and high end, bespoke print.

As well as laminating prints, the Matrix Pneumatic & Duplex Systems can also create beautifully finished work using Foils and Special Effect Films.

Special custom-made blocks or dies are normally required to create foiling effects. But with the Matrix, this is achievable due to the adjustable pressure from the pneumatic rollers.

The technology opens up a completely new revenue stream for Matrix users, saving both time and money compared to outsourcing. One-off bespoke jobs and print proofs can now be produced in-house in seconds.

Similar to traditional foiling methods, the process to create these on-demand effects works by using heat transfer technology, but at a fraction of the cost of producing individual dies.

With foils available in Silver, Gold, Copper, Red & Blue and a Clear Gloss Film to create Spot UV-style finishes, using just one system to laminate, foil and Spot UV offers an even greater return on investment, as multiple applications are possible.

Our Glitter laminates will make your bespoke prints extra special. This is a glitter laminating film which can then be overprinted, an easy process with an outstanding finished effect. Available in Gold & Silver.

They work the same as a laminating film, but instead of a Matt or Gloss finish you will achieve an outstanding glitter effect.

Perfect Partners

The Foiling and Special Effect Films are fully compatible with:

How does it work?

The foiling, spot UV effects and overprintable coloured foils along with the Glitter Laminates work by combining the Matrix and a digital printer.

There are five separate finishes that can be achieved using the Matrix:

  1. Foiling onto Laminated Stock

  2. Foiling onto Unlaminated Stock

  3. Printable Foils - Creating a metallic effect

  4. Spot UV-style effects

Download our datasheet to find out how to create the foiling effects.

Watch the video to see the complete process.

Printable Glitter Laminating Films

Download our Glitter Laminating Films Datasheet to find out more.

Coloured Foils

Core Size 77mm / 3" 77mm / 3"
Width (mm / inches) 315mm / 12.4" 440mm / 17.3"
Length (m / feet) 100m / 328' 100m / 328'
Gold Yes Yes
Silver Yes Yes
Copper Yes Yes
Blue Yes -
Red Yes -
Green Yes -
Pink Yes -

Please contact us to enquire about any additional colours

Spot UV-style Gloss Film

Core Size 77mm / 3"
Width (mm / inches) 305mm / 12"
Length (m / feet) 100m / 328'
Clear Gloss Yes

Printable Glitter Laminating Films

Core Size 77mm / 3" 77mm / 3"
Width (mm / inches) 315mm / 12.4" 445mm / 17.5"
Length (m / feet) 100m / 328' 100m / 328'
Gold Glitter Yes Yes
Silver Glitter Yes Yes
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Great when used for:
Book Covers
Wedding Stationery
Wedding Favour Boxes