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Color-Logic features

  • Printers License

    Color-Logic is the only commercially available colour communication system for metallic substrates and metallic inks which takes into account the substrate, inks, press curves and coatings.

    The Color-Logic system provides a colour communication system for 250 new metallic colours, which in turn can producing eye catching decorative effects. Printers and converters are granted a license to produce their own Swatch Books (or Colour Charts). This eliminates the need to match a generic purchased swatch book of metallic colours, printed under unknown conditions and generally with substrates and inks not applicable to the printing process of the printer!

    Each colour in the swatch book is replicated into a digital swatch library that is imported into the designer's software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc), along with a Photoshop plug-in that calculates the desired metallic effect for imagery. A designer then uses these palettes and plug-ins to design with, choosing metallic colours from the printers very own printed swatch book. Files designed with the Color-Logic system can then be visualized using the FX-Viewer software. For more information on the Color-Logic Design Suite, please 
    click here.

    Printers License
  • Color-Logic Design Suite™ (for Macintosh & Windows)

    Using the Color-Logic Design Suite you can create 250 new metallic colours, Dimensional-FX™, Watermark-FX™, Watermark-FX Plus™, Gradation-FX™ and Image-FX™ – All effects are created at the design stage, often eliminating the need for post-press finishing previously required to create the same or similar effect. 

    Color-Logic Design Suite™ (for Macintosh & Windows)
  • Color-Logic Image-FX™ (for Adobe Photoshop)

    An automated photorealistic image separation plug-in that analyses your image and calculates the required metallic effect for the different tonal regions – All it takes is a click of a button! Watch how Image-FX works in this video.

    Color-Logic Image-FX™ (for Adobe Photoshop)
  • Color-Logic FX-Viewer™ (Mac only)

    The Color-Logic FX-Viewer software enables graphic designers, agencies and printers to visualise the dramatic Color-Logic effects on their monitors before proofing or going to press. The simple and easy-to-learn user interface provides customers with a powerful tool for visualising the impact Color-Logic provides to their printing. Choose to visualise your designs for either silver ink printing or white ink for printing on metallic substrates.

    Watch the video to see FX-Viewer in use.

    Color-Logic FX-Viewer™ (Mac only)
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By using the Color-Logic tools, you can now achieve 250 different metallic colours, all from one single roll of foil and with just a click of a button.
Lewis Evans, Product Manager, Vivid