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  • Matrix + Aqua Aura Foils + Digital Printing Press + Color-Logic

    Vivid’s new partnership with Color-Logic means that print can be brought to life with an exclusive palette of 250 unique metallic foil colours. These amazing effects are simply created by:

    1. Vivid’s Matrix Foiling System
    2. Aqua Aura Foils
    3. A digital printing press
    4. Color-Logic, with just a click of a button

    Produced in the UK, the Matrix from Vivid Laminating Technologies is a Digital Foiling and Laminating System.

    Finishes using the award-winning Matrix:

    • Foil up to 5m/16ft a minute
    • Foil, holographic & spot UV-style effects
    • Laminate and foil business cards, book covers & brochures
    • Create special effects on wedding stationery
    • Security print for tickets and vouchers
    • Produce high-end bespoke print
    • Short-run prints for the packaging market
    • Long sheets, including 920mm/36-inch

  • Key benefits

    • Economical – produce eye-catching effects easily and simply
    • Faster time to market – products, samples and literature such as brochures are produced without trial and error
    • 250 NEW metallic colours – Using Vivid's Aqua Aura Foils in either Silver or Rainbow Holographic colours
    • Proven colour system for foil substrates, Silver ink and other decorative media
    • Education and Training for designers to create decorative effects and metallic colours in print
    • No major capital expense - Print Color-Logic on your current presses
    • Adaptive - Adapts to future substrates, inks and coatings

Color-Logic is the leader in decorative and reflective colour communications systems. Its flagship product is the Process Metallic Colour System™.

The system empowers designers, provides a brand with shelf impact at a fraction of the cost typically associated with metallic printing and provides printers and convertors with an accurate system for spot foil printing and metallic ink printing, as well as being the world's first solution for printing on to foil and reflective substrates, when using white ink and CMYK.

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By using the Color-Logic tools, you can now achieve 250 different metallic colours, all from one single roll of foil and with just a click of a button.
Lewis Evans, Product Manager, Vivid