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Peak features

  • Simple Solutions

    The new Peak Instant and Peak Lite range of pouch laminating machines have really easy-to-use control panels. Temperature and speed controls are replaced by just one simple button to select the micron of the pouch.

    They're also kind to the environment and feature both auto shut-off and energy saving sleep modes.

    The Peak Instant also has one of the fastest warm-up times on the marketplace and is ready to go in just 60 seconds.

    Simple Solutions
  • High Speed, Energy Saving

    The Peak 6 Roller High Speed Pouch Laminating systems not only run at high speeds of up to 2000mm/79" /min, but also benefit from a new patented ClearView™ panel, allowing you to watch your work as it goes through the system. This allows the operator to see their document being laminated to aid trouble free lamination.

    Featuring auto-standby technology to save energy, they also include an intuitive new control panel for ease of use with variable speed & temperature controls and an anti-jam reverse system.

    High Speed, Energy Saving
  • Versatility Comes as Standard

    All the Peak Professional Pouch Laminator machines are capable of taking on almost any job.

    They can laminate in both hot and cold modes, helping to minimise the amount of time needed to produce professional results that will leave a superb impression.

    Versatility Comes as Standard
  • Light but Long Lasting

    Every one of the Peak Pouch Laminator Series range is designed to be light to move around, but they're also built to last ensuring that your laminator will perform for years.

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