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Flatbook is a multifunctional cutting & perforating accessory, designed exclusively for the Matrix & Matrix Duo laminating systems.

The Technology enables Perfect Bound and PUR Bound book covers to be laminated both sides and stay perfectly flat.

Curl on book covers is a significant problem in the printing industry, mainly overcome by using expensive specialist films.

The Flatbook cuts out a channel of film as it laminates, leaving the inside spine unlaminated. 

This allows the adhesive to stick to the spine and not the laminate. The result is a perfectly bound flat book. The width of the spine can be adjusted quickly and easily, meaning that books can be created whether they have 50 pages or 500.

Flatbook will revolutionise the way that PUR and Perfectly Bound book covers are created. There is also a significant saving in the OPP film used and the type of paper stock, but most importantly, the end result is a perfectly bound “Flatbook”.

Flatbook is also a multifunctional device, as it can add a perforation to laminating film to aid sheet separation and will also cut film to a bespoke size. Perforation and cutting blades are included as standard and the unit can be easily adjusted in just a few minutes.

A Take-Up unit can also be added, making the process even easier for the user.

Dimensions - Width (mm / inches) 180 / 7
Dimensions - Depth x Height (mm / inches) 120x90 / 5x4
Warranty 1 Year*
*Warranty Information

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Works with
  • Matrix MX-370
  • Matrix MX-530
  • Matrix MX-370P
  • Matrix MX-530P
  • Matrix MX-530DP
  • Matrix Duo MD-460
  • Matrix Duo MD-650

Key Features
  • Creates perfectly flat book covers
  • Cuts out a channel of film as the system laminates
  • Works on copy paper as thin as 100gsm
  • Adds a perforation to laminating film to aid sheet separation
  • Cuts film to size

Great for use in
  • Commercial printers
  • Digital printers
  • Copy and print shops
  • Book binding firms

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