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Matrix Duo features

  • Keeping things Smooth

    The unique anti-curl bar on both Matrix Duo models allows the thinnest of laminates to be applied without the worry of a curled finish. 

    Keeping things Smooth
  • Fingertip Control

    The easy-to-use control panel takes virtually no training, yet it offers you complete control over every job.

    Fingertip Control
  • Gloss over Quickly, Matt in Minutes

    Each of the Matrix Duo models have extension arms that allow large rolls of film (up to 1000m/3280ft) to be used, saving changeover time. Each machine is also supplied with both 25mm / 1" and 77mm / 3" core adapters, to give you even more flexibility.

    Gloss over Quickly, Matt in Minutes
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With my Matrix Duo thermal laminator, I can start a print run and finish it whenever I'm ready. I don't have to fit my work round anyone else, and I can keep complete control over quality too.