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Matrix Duo applications

  • Single Side Laminating

    A single side laminator is the perfect solution for high quality single side lamination of flyers, book covers, greetings cards and much more.

  • Double Side Laminating

    Ideal for business cards, menus and much more. Gives you much more flexibility in the jobs you can take on, and superior to just a single side laminator as work is laminated in half the time a single side laminator would complete the job.

  • Encapsulation

    Encapsulating involves heat activated thermal film being applied on both sides of the print. The finished result is trimmed to leave a clear border around the edge of the print, therefore encapsulated. 

    Choosing a finish is simplicity itself - gloss or matt, or a bit of both at the same time - face up for matt, face down for gloss.

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With my Matrix Duo thermal laminator, I can start a print run and finish it whenever I'm ready. I don't have to fit my work round anyone else, and I can keep complete control over quality too.