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Matrix Duo accessories

  • Flatbook

    Flatbook enables Perfect Bound and PUR Bound book covers to be laminated both sides and stay perfectly flat.

    Curl on book covers is a significant problem in the printing industry, mainly overcome by using expensive specialist films. The Flatbook system enables you to use standard OPP film, on all types of stock.

    It cuts out a channel of film as it laminates, leaving the inside spine unlaminated.This allows the adhesive to stick to the spine and not the laminate. The result is a perfectly bound flat book.

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  • Stands

    The Matrix Duo range of laminators are desktop models, however we do supply optional stands for them.  

    The stands have a base plate to store any additional rolls of film and also they are on the wheels to make moving your Matrix Duo simple.

  • Film Perforating System

    Designed to make your life easier, the perforator attaches to the top of the machine, to perforate the the film and make it easier to slit as your job comes out laminated at the back of the machine without the need for a knife/scissors. 

    The perforator can be moved to perforate the film at whatever width you require. 

    Film Perforating System
  • Additional Mandrels

    Extra mandrels are available as optional extras for both Matrix Duo models, to make the transition between gloss and matt, 25mm / 1" and 77mm / 3" core film quick and easy, again saving you time and enabling you to work more efficiently. 

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With my Matrix Duo thermal laminator, I can start a print run and finish it whenever I'm ready. I don't have to fit my work round anyone else, and I can keep complete control over quality too.