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Easymount features

  • Features

    In response to feedback from our customers, we've added a range of features to our Easymount systems to help make your lives even easier.

    Both the Easymount EM-1600SH and EM-A1600SH Air systems now feature swing-out arm technology at both the front and rear of the system. 

    These make loading both vinyl and laminate a whole lot easier and less time-consuming with no compromise on the finish. 

    As well as a sturdier feed tray to assist in laminating heavier substrates, we have also changed the stand to make the machine more stylish and even more sturdy.

    We added media holders to prevent prints from trailing on the floor prior to laminating and a feed assist bar just in front of the rollers to keep prints perfectly flat as they enter into the nip of the rollers. 

  • Get stuck in

    You can apply more than just laminates – the Easymount range allows you to also lay down application tapes and vinyls, removing the need for squeegeeing by hand.

    The feed table also lifts up, making it easier to load rolls of material, increasing effectiveness and minimising hassle.


    Get stuck in
  • Fingertip control

    Our patented multilingual control panel is simple, smooth and very easy to use.

    Anyone can use it with the minimum of training, and it allows you to take complete control.

    Whatever you need, you can achieve with absolute accuracy quickly and easily.


    Fingertip control
  • Easymount by name, Easymount by nature

    Designed for simple, high quality results in a matter of minutes with the minimum of fuss and training.

    It's also extremely efficient – our patented pressure gauge handle, for instance, ensures that you choose the correct setting every time.

    Anyone can quickly operate an Easymount.


    Easymount by name, Easymount by nature
  • Covering every angle

    The range includes additional mandrel holders for storing spare rolls and larger feed table for easy material loading.

    An optional take-up unit enables you to work with reel-to-reel lamination, saving time and making it more efficient, too.

    Covering every angle
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Because the Easymount Air has the extra roll-to-roll unit, everything becomes quicker and easier. We’ve already increased both our production and our profits.
Mark Brooks, Digital Deadline, Leicestershire