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Trimfast accessories

  • Board Cutter Rails

    There's a choice of cutter rails and sizes in a unique, lightweight one-piece design with an inbuilt rigidity that can span over 5m / 16ft wide. The Trimfast board cutter is a two-piece design for increased accuracy.

  • Board Elevators

    Adding a pair of Elevators allows you to adjust the height of your cutter, to align and cut even the largest work single-handedly

  • Board Table Mounts

    These adjustable mounts can be fitted to your own table or our Trimfast Board Cutter table. They feature narrow blade grove, a full length insert to aid clamping and accurate measuring scale in both metric and imperial.

  • Cutter Table

    The Trimfast Board Cutter table has been specially designed for out cutters, optimising the strength to weight ratio, giving you a system thats lower in cost but higher in strength and reliability than other aluminium profile systems.

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