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  • Announcing 3 NEW Trimfast products from Vivid

    21 August 2013

    We are proud to announce the launch of three exciting new products to join our popular Trimfast Board Cutting range.                                                                                                    

    The Trimfast Integrated Cutter will cut encapsulation film, foam board, rigid PVC, card and many other different types of substrate. It has been designed with 2 integral elevators, making cutting accurate and straight-forward. 

    Elevating the cutter allows the user to work single-handed, ideal for sign-makers who operate alone. It can be permanently fixed to a worktop with no need for accessories and also includes a cutting groove within the systems base unit. This allows the blade to slice cleanly through the material, meaning that cutting mats are not required. The cutter is available from 60cm (24") up to 500cm (200") widths.

    The Trimfast General Purpose Cutter is portable and ready to go. It is available in six different sizes from 60cm (24”) to 300cm (120”). The base features a narrow groove that directs the blade tip throughout cutting, providing safety and accuracy. It also features a hinge and lift arm assembly, allowing the cutter to be used on larger materials. 

    Blade magazines for utility and scoring blades, a 45mm (1 3/4”) textile cutting wheel and holder are also included as standard. Ideal as a table top cutter, it can also be mounted on an optional stand.

    The Trimfast Safety Straight Edge works as a cutting aid. It has been designed with an arch shaping, allowing the cutter to be safer to use and helping to avoid any tool spillages. It also helps to focus downward pressure securely whilst cutting. With measurements in both imperial and metric, the Safety Straight Edge is available in six different sizes from 60cm (24”) to 300cm (120”).

    Trimfast Board Cutting Systems are manufactured in the UK and are built to last. Constructed from extruded aluminium, this makes the Board Cutters lightweight yet durable.

    They are easy-to-use and make a great addition to sign-making businesses, copyshops and printers.

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