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  • Roland User ‘Big Pete’ Colman full of praise for Vivid’s new vinyl

    2 June 2015

    Mansfield-based Classic Print has been in business since 1984 and in that time they have seen many innovations and developments, especially in the materials that are available to the wide format printer.

    The most recent development came when Vivid’s product manager Lewis Evans approached Pete to try their new Boss range of Printable Medias, and with Pete already using Boss laminates, he was happy to do so.

    Pete first dealt with Vivid in 2007, buying the award-winning Easymount laminator, “It’s run constantly to this day with never a single issue” said Pete.

    Pete has found the results of the vinyl impressive and moved over to using the Boss range, benefiting from their great prices “The printing and mounting qualities are excellent” continued Pete “It lies flat and print quality is perfect".

    The range is available in various widths and finishes; gloss, clear and matt. With permanent and removable adhesive, Vivid’s newest product is their Boss ‘Smooth Remove’ which has air release technology making the vinyl extremely easy to work with when applying.

    “This new vinyl is really versatile” continued Pete. “The profiles that Vivid offer for the vinyl are an industry standard for this type of media and the laminate that matches the vinyl is excellent. We print straight on to the vinyl with the Roland or HP and then laminate using the Easymount. The Easymount is a superior system in my opinion. It’s a heavy duty piece of kit and runs true & square every time. You have full control on whatever you are laminating and mounting.”

    Vivid’s Lewis Evans said “We were given the guided tour by Big Pete and they have a fantastic set-up. Their custom-built showroom has a great range of products to view and it really gives their customers a hands-on experience of all the different prints they provide. We were really impressed with their engraved products, the finish is superb”.

    Classic Print has also recently purchased a 5m wide Trimfast Board Cutter from Vivid. “We have a 3.6m wide cutter, but we are doing so many larger prints we knew we needed a 5m cutter. The Trimfast will be a huge help to us, as anything over 3.6m is currently being cut by hand and when we are completing large orders for trade and retail customers, accuracy and speed are important”.

    Classic Print can be contacted on 01623 661457 or by visiting their website.

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