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  • It’s Arrived… The Matrix MF-530 Auto-Feeder

    23 November 2012

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product, the Matrix MF-530 Auto-Feeder.

    The feeder is the only modular unit designed specifically for the Matrix MX-530 Single Side Laminating System.

    Having had an excellent response to the prototype shown at Drupa, production was launched to meet our many orders for the new feeder, as part of our ongoing commitment to our customers in producing innovative, time-saving products that offer value & functionality.

    Our Technical Manager Gavin Ward explains “We have known for some time that there has been a market demand for a fully automatic feeder for our Matrix Systems.

    With this in mind, we’ve produced the MF-530 feeder which has been designed to retrofit the existing multilingual MX-530 Laminators”.

    “And with the Auto-Feeder installed, the operator is free to work on other print jobs” continued Gavin.

    The feeder operates using compressed air and includes the suction pile feeder & control panel in one self-contained unit.

    It will also run up to an impressive 5m per minute, which equates to 1000 SRA3 landscape sheets an hour, perfect for low to mid volume print finishing businesses.

    “The feedback we are receiving from our customers proves that Vivid have answered their needs again” concluded Gavin.

    We are Europe's leading designers and manufacturers of laminators. For many years, we have been leading the world of lamination with the most innovative designs in the marketplace by listening to our customer's requirements.

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