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  • Using your Matrix Laminator for Foiling and Spot UV-style effects

    16 October 2015

    At the start of 2015, Vivid Laminating Technologies' Engineering & Design teams began working together on a new project, resulting in their best-selling Matrix Pneumatic & Duplex Systems now able to create beautifully finished prints using foils and spot UV-style effects.

    Richard Marlow, Vivid's Sales Director, explains more "The Matrix can achieve these effects due to the adjustable pressure from the pneumatic rollers. It's a really quick & easy set-up without the need for expensive blocks or dies."

    Systems that add these special effects during the finishing process give prints that extra 'wow' factor. These finishes are typically used on packaging, business cards, stationery, book covers, security print, wedding stationery and high end, bespoke print.

    The technology opens up a completely new revenue stream for Matrix users, saving both time and money compared to outsourcing. Using just one system to laminate, foil and spot UV offers an even greater return on investment, as multiple applications are possible. One-off bespoke jobs and print proofs can now be produced in-house in seconds.

    Similar to traditional foiling methods, the process to create these on-demand effects works by using heat transfer technology, but at a fraction of the cost of producing individual dies for each job. Watch the video and Download the datasheet to find out how it's done.

    Vivid have launched gloss-spot film and foils in silver, gold, copper, red & blue, as part of their premium brand Boss range to create these effects. Holographic films can also be used, making security and packaging print a new option for many.

    "Due to the extra cost of outsourcing to specialist finishing firms, printers were priced out of this type of work due to high set-up costs," summarised Richard. "With the Matrix now able to laminate, foil, create spot UV-style finishes and add holography, finished prints look incredible, are given back to the customer faster and the cost-savings are huge."

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