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What's happening?

  • New Boss Brand for Laminating Film and Pouches

    20 February 2012

    All of our laminating supplies are changing to “Boss” Premium Supplies.  But don’t worry, the only thing that is changing is the name!  The new “Boss” brand identity reflects and re-enforces Vivid’s commitment to providing the very best quality in laminating supplies.  It is important to us that we retain our established values from the Pro-Life brand, but at the same time develop a new and modern identity, more in line with our corporate image.  By rebranding our ProLife supplies to “Boss” we ensure that the right message is out there for our customers.

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  • Supporting the National Forest

    2 December 2011

    At Vivid we care about our environment. So much so, that we have committed to doing the best for our environment by our compliance with relevant environmental legislation and to the adoption of practices and procedures that reduce the risk of environmental damage or harm.

    We also go beyond our requirements for environmental legislation and participate in a number of community and National projects in order to strive towards being carbon neutral.

    This year, we are proud to be involved in planting a number of trees in the National Forest.  This is very important to us at Vivid, both in supporting our Company Ethics with regards to caring for the environment, but also to build a legacy that proves our commitments and Company success for years to come.

    Today, Sharon Marvin, our Export Manager and Gina Buxton, our Corporate Communications Manager have been out planting.  Watch this space, photos to follow!

    To find out more about this initiative, please see the National Forest website

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  • New Website and Social Media Sites

    10 November 2011

    As you can see, our new website is here!  After many months of planning, developing and building we launched at the end of October and are very pleased with the results.  We have had lots of positive feedback from a number of our regular visitors which we are very grateful for.  Please have a look round and send us your comments. 

    We’ve made a special effort to try and make things easier for our customers.  New features now include: 

    Live Chat facility


    Supporting YouTube videos

    Helpful downloads e.g user guides, parts guides and many more

    RSS News Feeds

    As well as all of the above, we have also joined Facebook, Twitter and Wide Format World to keep you all updated with the very latest.  Please come and follow us/make friends with us/like us by either following the links above or those on our homepage.  We look forward to seeing you there!