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  • Matrix Metallic opens up new opportunities for Cascade Group.

    7 October 2019

    Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of laminating and embellishment systems, Vivid Laminating Technologies, have updated Cascade Groups Matrix Pneumatic to a Matrix Metallic, enabling them to provide the highest quality foiling to their customers.

    Cascade Group are a litho, digital and large format printers who have been providing print to London for over 35 years. With 4 locations and 2 production units, Cascade Group accommodate a wide range of small, medium and large blue-chip clients from all walks of life.

    Already overwhelmed with the quality of their current Matrix, Cascade Group knew who to turn to when looking to expand their services and add first-class quality to their prints. After a demonstration on-site, Cascade Group quickly realised that the Matrix Metallic was the most cost-effective and versatile option for them to produce elite embellishments onto many coated and uncoated stocks. Cascade Group Managing Director, Richard Adler, said, “having been a Matrix user for several years we looked to Vivid in the first instance to provide us with a new revenue stream. The Matrix Metallic has quickly become our go-to machine for providing new and interesting, added value services to our existing and new client base”.

    The decision was made to purchase the Matrix Metallic to enable Cascade Group to offer their clients short-run foiling at the most cost-effective price on the market. Digital foiling allows you to add embellishments onto prints with quick and easy setup, creating beautifully foiled finished prints. Richard Adler told us, “the Matrix Metallic now gives us greater flexibility to offer our clients more products. Not needing to go to a third-party supplier greatly reduces the cost and time it takes for us to fulfil an order. We can even leave it unattended thanks to the addition of the Omni-Flow feeder.”

    Running off one setting the Matrix Metallic enables Cascade Group to produce fine detailed work effortlessly. Vivid Laminating Technologies product manager, Lewis Evans, said: “Cascade were already producing fantastic digital print, adding the Matrix Metallic meant they could increase their capability to embellish personalised, bespoke products, on either coated or uncoated stocks, with ease.”

    Richard said, “the team at Vivid have been painstakingly supportive in helping us get up to speed with the equipment and various consumables that can be used alongside it. In fact, we’ve already been able to use and experiment with most of the foils”. The Matrix Metallic™ supports the full range of Vivid Aqua Aura™ foils and spot UV-effect films, which have been tested on a range of papers including G F Smith Colorplan, Antalis Novatech, and Arjowiggins Pop’ set. As well as foiling, the Metallic can also be used to laminate and supports the wide choice of Boss™ films, which includes; soft-touch, anti-scratch, bio-degradable and printable options.

  • Improving production efficiency, invests in a second Matrix, The Matrix Metallic Foiling

    11 July 2019 is a leading online print provider offering a wide range of popular products such as business cards, leaflets, flyers, greeting cards, postcards and wedding stationery all laminated/foiled using Vivid’s Matrix systems. Customers use their website to specify their requirement, approve the quote, upload their artwork and place the order. Orders are then fulfilled at their state-of-the-art print production plant in Cramlington, Northumberland. 

    Adding foil to printed products significantly increases the perceived value to the end-user allowing a premium price to be charged for this option, boosting average order values and margins. Digital foil production was produced in-house using their Matrix MX-370P system purchased in December 2016.

     Their current Matrix was perfect for laminating and foiling onto coated stocks however as their business grew, they recieved more enquires for foiling on uncoated papers, restricting the options that could be offered to customers. were happy with the reliability, speed and foil quality of the current Matrix and so it made sense, to look to Vivid for their new system. A second Matrix would also mean that current operators could jump straight onto the new machine without further training.

    With the popularity of foil and spot uv growing and customers requiring embellishments onto more textured stocks, placed an order for a new Matrix Metallic and an Omniflow deep-pile automatic feeder. The deep-pile feeder allows multiple customer jobs to be batched together in the feeder stack to be automatically fed into the system, it allows the operator to work on both systems at the same time. So overall the two items expanded the product offering and more than doubled the operator’s productivity without impacting on staff costs.

    David Duncan, Production Director at said “With the Matrix Metallic, we are now able to foil on Colorplan and many other uncoated stocks, something we have struggled with in the past, this means a greater choice for our customers which will lead to continued increasing demand for our foiled range.” He added “We have significantly increased our foiling capacity without increasing staff levels which is obviously good news for productivity and efficiency.”

    Vivid Laminating Technologies are proud to be Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of laminating and embellishment systems. We’re committed to developing, improving and upgrading our products in a constant search for quality.

  • New Boss Green ecofriendly laminating film

    6 June 2019

    Try our new range of BOSS GREEN solvent-free pressure sensitive UV Film.

    Available in 2 finishes – Gloss and Matt and in 3 widths – 1060mm, 1370mm and 1520mm.

    Contact our sales team to find out more on 0345 1 30 40 50 or

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