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  • Me & my… Matrix 370 Laminator - Print Week

    28 May 2012

    Belfast based Media Design and Print have purchased & installed a Matrix 370 Laminator from our partner distributors DBC Ireland.

    Print Week highlighted an article on the Matrix in their weekly "Me & My..." feature.

    Print Week writes: 

    "...The most recent addition to this growing stable of kit is a Matrix 370 laminator, which was installed in October last year."

    "...We were having to outsource a lot of lamination and that was adding a couple of days to the turnaround times we could offer," he explains. "While our clients were not really putting the squeeze on us, we felt that for service and speed it would be better to do it in-house."

    "...He explains that the machine is very easy to use so only required very basic training."

    "...One of the biggest bonuses of it is that it automatically separates the sheets"

    "...Indeed, he concludes that the Matrix 370 has been the perfect purchase for the company in every way. It has saved money, expanded the company’s services and enabled it to better serve clients. "

    You can read the full article on the PrintWeek website.

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