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    23 September 2011

    Vivid Laminating offers a range of solutions for companies looking to cost effectively bring lower volumes of laminating in-house. This will help printers to add value and will also allow them to have full control over their laminating needs in a time-prohibitive market where customers are demanding ever quicker turnarounds. The company offers both double and single sided options for laminating through its Matrix range of machines. This comprises the Matrix Duo 650 (650 mm wide) and 460 (460 mm wide) models and the Matrix 370 (SRA3 portrait) and 530 (up to B2) semi-automatic single side laminators. Characteristics of the range include reliability, ease of use, ease of maintenance, quick warm up time and fast turnaround. Suitable for output from both digital and litho presses, the Matrix Duo models are capable of single sided lamination, double sided lamination and encapsulation and are ideal for applications such as business cards, menus, greetings cards and book covers. In substrate handling, 1” and 3” cores come as standard enabling 1200 metre rolls of film to be used (200 metre maximum on the 1” core) and an anti-curl device ensures prints lay flat when single side laminating. Adjustment of speed and temperature for different films (gloss or matt) and thicknesses is quick and easy. A number of options are also available including a perforator for easy print separation and stands that enable the machines to be moved when not in use. The Matrix 370/530 single side laminators include a semi-automatic feeding system that runs at up to 10 metres per minute for increased productivity (they can run 100 SRA3 sheets in six and a half minutes). Also automatic is the separation of prints making them ready for guillotining straight from the laminator. A new ‘swing-out’ control panel with sheet counter, memory settings, speeds and temperature make set up and running quick and easy. A large steel laminating roller gives plenty of dwell pressure time which allows a smooth finish to the job and a harder compound rubber bottom roller increases pressure – giving greater adhesion to the print. An auto feeder will be available as a retro fit in 2012.

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