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  • Trimmers and Guillotines - what is the difference?

    24 June 2014

    by David Smith

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    The world is full of many unanswered questions...

    Is there life on other planets? Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? Who will win the World Cup this summer?

    We can't give you answers to any of these questions, but we can tell you the difference between a guillotine and a trimmer!

    A guillotine allows you to get an accurate cut when needing to cut larger amounts of paper. Guillotines use a downward shearing action to cut through the material.

    A trimmer on the other hand uses a rotary blade that slices through paper from side-to-side. Trimmers are better at cutting smaller amounts and are the preferred option in schools and colleges, as the blade is encased in it's own housing and is therefore safer.

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