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  • 8 Great Ideas for Laminating Pouches!

    30 April 2015

    by David Smith

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    Using a laminating pouch to protect important documents is great, but how about using your lamination skills to produce all kinds of amazing stuff for your home or school?

    View our full range of Boss Laminating Pouches here.

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  • Review of the Year 2014

    15 December 2014

    by David Smith

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    Welcome to Vivid’s review of the year!

    A highly successful year once again for Vivid. A year in which we launched our Pneumatic & Duplex Matrix Systems, debuted 4 new Easymount Sign Wide Format Laminators and exhibited in London, São Paulo and Chicago!

    January – We kick off the year in which IPEX, the largest printing exhibition in 2014, takes place. We invite customers to 'Discover the Power of Print' at the London-based show, the first time IPEX has been held in England's capital city in over 30 years.

    February - As part of our IPEX world-premieres, we hint that the Matrix is going 'Red, White & Blue'. Not new colour options of the No.1 system, but a hint that production of the Pneumatic and Duplex systems will be based in the UK.

    March - IPEX takes place at London's ExCel on 24th – 29th March. The new Matrix Pneumatic and Duplex Systems debut, and a number of the respected UK Print Press announce the launch, including Graphic Display World, PrintMonthly, PrintWeek and Digital Printer. PrintWeek journalist Simon Creasey also writes that "in the post-press arena, manufacturers are feeling decidedly bullish" for his IPEX preview.

    April - Following their debut at IPEX, we officially launch the new Easymount Sign Wide Format Laminating Systems, available as hot and cold options in both 1.4m and 1.6m widths. We also bid a fond farewell to our Export Manager & Operations Director Sharon Marvin, who retired from Vivid after more than 25 years of service.

    May - More fantastic reviews within the UK print trade press of our IPEX offering, including Quick Print Pro and Print Solutions. Print Monthly editor Brendan Perring also interviewed Vivid's Sales Director Richard Marlow for his excellent Commercial Print Finishing feature.

    June - Print Business Editor Gareth Ward states that "The appeal of the Matrix laminators lies with their ease of use, one third the cost of some alternative machines" in his excellent 'Laminate to Accumulate' review for the magazine.

    July - ExpoPrint, Brazil takes place in São Paulo, which sees Vivid exhibit in South America for the very first time. The show is a great success for us, with discussions with potential distributors in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia taking place. Journalist Rob Fletcher also reviewed some of the latest kit available for his great article on the FESPA website, including the Easymount range of Wide Format Laminating Systems.

    August - Print Finishing Specialists Duplo announce Vivid as one of their Key Partners for their annual London Calling event. US Print Industry press Printing Impressions & WhatTheyThink and British magazine Print Monthly also feature Vivid in their Graph Expo Show previews.

    September - Sprint Direct, Scotland’s Premier suppliers of print accessories, hold 3 very successful Open Days, featuring the Easymount and Matrix Laminating Systems. We also annouce new Authorised Resellers Chile and New Zealand.

    October - Leicester-based Digital Wordcrafts tells PrintWeek magazine their new Matrix MX-530P "has been a more than worthwhile investment that I’d happily recommend to other digital printers. As it has given us a cost saving of around £1,000 a month, it should pay for itself within a few months”. We also return to Chicago's Graph Expo 2014 Print Show, marking the US debut of our Matrix Duplex & Pneumatic Systems and Easymount Sign Wide Format Laminators. The show is a huge triumph for Vivid and we also announce a new alliance with Rock Hill Distribution, as the Exclusive Distribution Partner for the US of the Easymount Laminating Systems. October also sees us announce our new patented Flatbook technology for the Matrix, which will revolutionise the way the PUR and Perfectly Bound book covers are created.

    November - As the end of the year draws closer, we are busier than ever, attending Duplo's London Calling as a key partner and Canon's Print & Imaging Show, as well as being featured in Sign Update's Vehicle Livery article, Digital Printer magazine's review of City Printing's Matrix Duplex upgrade and featured on the cover of Image Reports magazine! We announce our return to Sign & Digital UK in 2015 in an exclusive interview with the show's Rudi Blackett.

    December - We end the year with a report on our production line for the Matrix Duplex and Pneumatic Systems, proud that all new systems are now fully assembled in the UK.

    2014 has certainly been a very busy and highly successful year for Vivid! During 2015, we will return to Sign & Digital UK in Birmingham; exhibit at FESPA in Cologne; Graph Expo, Chicago and Druck+Form in Sinsheim, Germany.

    As ever, we continue to develop, enhance & add to our finishing systems and 2015 will see us launch more exciting new products! Follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestYouTube and LinkedIn for the latest news, product announcements and videos.

    From the entire team at Vivid Laminating Technologies, may we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  • Binding Machines - What’s the difference?

    13 November 2014

    by David Smith

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    If you’re looking to add a professional touch to your business reports, a handy way to keep your favourite recipes at home, or a quality finish to a dissertation for college, then you can do no wrong by using a binder.

    There are many different kinds of Binding Machines available, from entry-level plastic comb binders, to state-of-the-art professional binding systems.

    Vivid’s Magnum range of Binding Systems offer not only affordability, but also a high level of quality in every machine we build. Here, we’ll take a look at the different types available, how they work and what they are used for.

    Comb Binding Machines

    Comb Binders are the most economical kind of system. A plastic comb is placed onto the machine and the metal ‘teeth’ are used to open the comb outwards. A second lever is then pulled down to punch a series of holes along the edge of your document. The punched papers are then placed onto the open comb, and the comb is then closed together using the open/close lever, creating a handy document.

    Comb Binders are useful, as pages can easily be removed and replaced with updated information. These are used by many schools, sports clubs and offices for internal documents.

    Plastic combs are relatively cheap and are available in many different colours and diameters (depending on the thickness of your document). Many people also prefer to finish the document with a cover, which can be made from plastic (polypropylene), card, clear coloured PVC or shiny gloss.

    The Magnum range of Comb Binders include our entry-level iBind systems and the heavy duty electronic MEC21 for higher capacity use.

    Wire Binding Machines

    Wire Binders can give more of a professional look to important documents, such as client proposals or business presentations. The desktop systems can be purchased with two different types of finish. Either 2:1 ‘Pitch’ or 3:1 ‘Pitch’. This simply means that holes are punched through the document at either 2 holes per inch (2:1) or 3 holes per inch (3:1).

    Wire binding is used on a lot of notebooks, calendars and training packs.

    Differing from a comb binder, the wire comes ‘pre-opened’ and is placed onto special hooks on the machine, ready for paper. Similar to a comb binder though, holes are then punched through your document and placed onto the wire. The complete document wire is then inserted into a special channel on the machine, with a lever to operate the wire closer, squeezing the wire together to close and finish it.

    Our Magnum Wire Binding Systems include both entry-level manual machines, as well as more professional electric systems, able to punch 143 sheets and 318 sheets of paper.

    Spiral Binding Machines

    Spiral binders are sometimes called coil binders. This offers the flexibility of comb binding, with the professional finish of a wire bound document.

    As with comb and wire binding, holes are punched through your document. A coil is then inserted into the first couple of holes and the document is ready to be completed. The document and it’s spiral is then placed onto the machine, and the rollers spin the coil to weave it through the punched document.

    Coils are available in our Imagemaker range in many different diameters and colours.

    The Magnum MEC46 is a professional electrically operated system for spiral and coil binding.

    All-for-one, one-for-all

    For the ultimate combination of mutlifunctional systems, the Magnum range also offers multi-use machines. This can be useful when creating documents where different finishes are often required, as this saves valuable desk space, as well as money. The Magnum Duo Binding Machines are available in Comb & 3:1 Wire Options and 2:1 & 3:1 Pitch Wire. For the ultimate binding choice, the Magnum ME-4&1 offers a combination of comb, spiral and wire at both 2:1 and 3:1 pitch.

    Take a look at our complete range of Imagemaker binding supplies, including combs, coils, binding wires and document covers.

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